figuring this out…

well this will be my first official post on wordpress. i’m just trying a few things out here. i’m working on the layout and trying to focus my vision of what exactly i want this space to be. i love so many things that it’s hard for me to stay focused. i want to write about my life in dc, but i cant go into to too much detail because so many people actually know me. i dont want to sound ungrateful and i dont want to seem shallow either. i wont hide it. i have materialistic tendencies but i do think i make damn sure i am appreciative of everything that i have been given.

i have really learned a lot about myself in the past year whether it’s been since college, from work, relationships, or my friends. i’m still developing and i like the person i’m turning into. i think that’s what matters the most.

i’m going a tad stir crazy in the city at the moment but i think a weekend away is all i need. i’m working on it, but nothing has solidified yet. we’ll see.

stay tuned 🙂



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