on shoes…

so i know i hover between fashion/ food/ life blogging but i just can’t help it. i cant get away from the fashion and the shoes. i could spend (and i do) hours upon hours looking at shoes online.

so what if i just did.

so what if i just rearranged my whole evening so i can make it to the mall to drop too much dough on some much-needed spring accessories.

i keep saying i’m going to put some stuff on ebay to sell and get rid of, and i really mean it! i’m going to do it!

i go through clothes like it’s my job, and maybe it will be some day. someone, anyone out there? find me a job where i can blog about fashion and get shit for free. that’s all i ask. not too difficult right?

i wish there wasnt such a distinction between fashion year to year, but then the whole industry would implode right? i mean in college i definitely wore the same 10 gap shirts week after week but when i got my big girl job, long sleeve Ts and jeans don’t cut it anymore. i mean they do, i work at a software company and i can pretty much where whatever the heck i want, but that’s not the point!

the point is i love fashion and i’m going to wear what’s “hot” & “new” & “EXCITING!”

so maybe this weekend i will actually do what i’ve been meaning to do. post some things on ebay and make a little cash to fund my habit.

see you on the flip side.

…in my new kicks



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