who is rachelsmiles?


I’m RachelSmiles, a twenty-something living in the District. I consider myself a relatively happy person. I have a few well exercised credit cards and a great love of food and cooking. I’m spreading the love one smile at a time.

welcome to my blog


I am the girliest girly-girl you will ever meet, constantly dreaming up dinner parties and new recipes, needing to have my nails painted at all times, in love with polka dots, obsessed with the 80s, spiritually connected to an addiction to online shopping, worried about my future, concerned about my friends, all while I manage to keep a job, pay my rent, and be awesome in general [editor’s note: Rachel is being slightly sarcastic, but she is pretty awesome if you get to know her].

Also, I adore anything and everything related to the Brat Pack, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, & Wet Hot American Summer.

wet hot american summer


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